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I wish I could leave all these bright lights. Step outside it all for atleast a little while. I wish I could just simply live my life in a peaceful manor. The way i see it , there really isnt much need for so many things constantly bringing down society. I feel like when i step back and take a good look at the system i know what needs to be done. All of these leaders in our world and no real change can be made? Someone with some kinda of intellectual outlook needs to be in control of this world and get things straightened out. What I really think is that we all need to live in huts ,collect our own water, hunt our own animals, and plant out own food. This goal is not realistic , i truly believe we’ve gone too far and people would be in shock without todays technology. Which is exacly why we need to embrace the “sub-cultures” within out society that are not being properly recognized.

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I will feel equality has arrived when we can elect to office women who are as incompetent as some of the men who are already there. -Maureen Reagan

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Im not really sure what i might fill these text boxes with , but i hope to let this consume quite alot of my thinking time. Im gonna try and plan it out as much as i can , and write as detailed into thought as possible. One of the people I’ve looked up to most throughout my life so far is my favoritest teachers. He doesnt have a diploma stating he is a teacher or anything, but he has taught me enough things in such a sort period of time. He is a teacher in my terminology. He’s the one who inspired me to write this blog, and is encouraging me to fill it with all of my strongest opinions, beliefs,outlooks and new knowledge i obtain everyday. Which is exacly what i intend to do.

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Over 9 years ago all sorts of organizations and different individual got together and signed a petition for the federal government to put an end to the cannabis prohibition. The government has been avoiding this petition for too long , and this group of people have become fed up after patiently waiting almost a decade. They are now laying down a lawsuit. This lawsuit requests 60 days until a decision is made about the petition, from the DEA. There are 16 states in the united states that allow use of medical marijuana, and the numbers are increasing annually. Not to mention , the ever-increase of this miracle plants positive aspects from studies being done more and more everyday. Jon Gettman is the leader of the Coalition for Rescheduling Cannabis and a marijuana reform activist , i would definitely recommend checking out a bit more about him and the Coalition.

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